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The success strategies of unknown world market leaders
Hermann Simon - Springer New York - 2009 - 402 pages

Hidden Champions of the 21st Century

2024 March 20 | by Arduino Mancini Critical thinking - Leadership - Resilience

When you’re drinking Coca-Cola, the name Jungbunzlauer is very unlikely to be the first thing that springs into your mind. But this Austrian-Swiss global company supplies the citric acid for every Coca-Cola produced and sold. That’s what Hermann Simon would call: a Hidden Champion company. You might be surprised to learn that: Whether you visit […]

Making the Most of Change
Susan Bridges, William Bridges - Liferlong Books - 2017 - 190 pages

Managing Transitions

2022 August 10 | by Arduino Mancini Change management - Leadership

Here is a book that has deeply changed the way I observe change as well as accompany my clients to manage it. First of all, let’s ask ourselves: what is change all about? Change essentially means moving from one situation to another: the reorganization of a business department, a newly appointed general manager, a headquarters […]

Negotiation and the gender divide
Linda Babcock, Sara Laschever - Princeton University Press - 2021 - 223 pages

Women Don't Ask

2022 May 12 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Negotiation - Women and Men

The mistake a man might make when reading the title of this book is to stop and think that its contents only concerns women. But, as I said, that would be a mistake. That is why I warmly invite everyone to continue reading this review and to work with me to answer two rather complicated […]

A zoologist's study of the human animal
Desmond Morris – Random UK - 2000 - 272 pages

The naked Ape

2022 April 13 | by Arduino Mancini Emotion and Motivation - Leadership - Women and Men

Let me ask you a few questions: Why is man the only hairless primate? Where does our nutrition come from? And our sexual habits? To answer them, I will ask for the help of a song. The 2017 edition of the Italian Sanremo Song Festival saw the success of Francesco Gabbani with a song that […]

What it is, how it happens, why it matters
Barbara Kellerman - Harvard Business Review Press - 2004 - 304 pages

Bad Leadership

2021 November 24 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership

What do Radovan Karadzic, Vladimir Putin, Rudolph Giuliani have in common? What characteristics distinguish former Mattel CEO Jill Barad, Levi Strauss CEO Robert Haas, and many other managers and politicians profiled in this book? Beyond the significant differences among them, according to Barbara Kellerman they share what is known as “negative leadership“: these people exert power, […]

The strategy book for power people that everyone must read. Want to know why?
Sun Tzu – translation by Thomas Cleary - Shambhala Publications, Inc.- 1988 - 484 pages

The Art of War - Complete Texts and Commentaries

2021 June 22 | by Arduino Mancini Conflict and Games Theory - Effective thinking - Leadership

Sun Tzu’s Art of War, compiled more than two thousand years ago, is a study of the behaviour of organizations in conflict: it is perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world. Sun Tzu’s Art of War, or Sun-Tzu pìng-fa, was written in the Warring States Period (453-221B.C.) by a mysterious Chinese […]

Essays on the Psychology of Leadership
Manfred F.R. Kets De Vries - iUniverse - 2003 - 162 pages

Leaders, Fools, and Impostors

2021 June 15 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership

Each year, many books are published to offer advice on how to be a “good leader”; however, these books struggle to provide fully satisfactory answers to questions about the nature of leadership and the dynamics of power in organizations. This book is certainly among the most comprehensive on the matter. Mandred Kets de Vries believes […]

The story of success
Malcolm Gladwell - Penguin - 2009 - 336 pages


2021 June 01 | by Arduino Mancini Education - Leadership

In the era where wealth, social success, and celebrity achievement seem to have become our primary life purpose, we have all asked ourselves a few questions: What is the secret to success? Is it really just a matter of individual talent and persistence in pursuing goals? Are other, unpredictable factors coming into play? And what […]