A book that will help you cope with change: in your life and in your work.

Spencer Johnson - Penguin Putnam - 1998 - 96 pages

Who moved my cheese?

2021 October 06 | by Arduino Mancini Change management

Here is a short story that will bring you closer to some essential aspects of change management, both in private and professional life.

The book tells of four characters who live in a ‘labyrinth’ and are in a permanent search for a ‘cheese’ that makes them live comfortably.

Sniff & Scurry are Mice; Hem & Haw and are Little people, that are the same size as mice but behave very similarly to humans.

The cheese is the symbol of what we desire in life: a good job, a fulfilling personal life, financial security, good health, happiness. The labyrinth represents all the contexts where we seek what we want: the organisation we work for, the family, our friends, our social community.

It is at this point that one of them asks the key question:

What I would do if I weren’t afraid?

And it is him who successfully copes with the new situation and writes on the walls of the labyrinth what he has learned from his experience.

A well-known booklet, a worldwide success that bows to the rules of marketing by promising the reader that he will learn to manage change and thus to be happy: I would like to be able to confirm this to you, but I think things are not as simple as that.

More realistically, I can say that after reading this book you will have a better idea of the meaning of change and the difficulty of dealing with it successfully; and you will be able to approach the journey with more confidence.

A precious booklet that can be read in an hour: highly recommended also to those, many, who have already read it.

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