Well done, you did a good job!

di AM il 18 gennaio, 2014

well done

How often have you heard that?

The truth is that supervisors tend to refrain from praising, for two reasons.

The first is that praising is complicated and can be damaging: better hold back. No action, no mistakes, right?

The second reason is that for many managers their staff are invisible: they don’t notice the people or their actions.

What suggestions can we offer to those few willing managers who have discovered the magical power of praise but still don’t feel confident about how best to use it?

Here are the golden rules of constructive praise.


  • Immediately after observing the behaviour you wish to encourage
  • After thorough preparation


  • Better in private, ideally not in public


  • Talk about the behaviour you want to encourage, separating it from any appraisal of the person
  • Express praise in a clear and brief manner, focusing on the behaviour you intend to encourage
  • No longer than 120 seconds
  • Wait for a reply or comment
  • Round off by confirming your faith in the person

Communication style

  • Do not use “emphatic” words , the subordinate must neither feel a genius nor irreplaceable
  • Use a level tone of voice
  • Never repeat the same concept twice

To cut a long story short, if one of your staff does something well, you can acknowledge their value simply by saying:

Hey, you’ve done a good job!

It is not risky, it is not expensive, and it produces amazing results: try it and you’ll see.

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Lucio ottobre 16, 2014 alle 09:30

there aren’t many italian people than write english .


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