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Can this poster be useful in companies?

Be nice, or leave!

2021 October 06 | by Arduino Mancini Training and development

During a not recent (unfortunately) holiday in Berlin, I spent a pleasant evening in an old pub (120 years old).

The poster you can see in the photo was posted in several parts of the place:

Be nice, or leave!

Would such a message be useful in preventing inappropriate behaviours also in organisations?

Reminding everybody that kindness helps improving people performance: and quality of life.

Don’t you think so?

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Stefano Fago 21 October 2021 12:06

This concept can be review on different aspect of organizations… a big impact especially on the recruitment aspects: the importance of understanding someone’s soft skills, is important even if they were a super-hero of the given professionalism … In addition there are wolves dressed as sheep for which the real a subject’s toxicity appears only too late… Peace! 😉

    AM 21 October 2021 12:35

    Great, thanks!

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