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Can you answer this question?

What does it mean to succeed in life?

2021 December 01 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

Tough question, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common conditions for a person we usually consider successful:

  • He/she has made a lot of money and can afford a life full of comforts;
  • He/she occupies a position of power and can influence the lives of many;
  • He/she has achieved great mediatic fame, due to goals reached or particular characteristics (competence, knowledge, charm, etc.).

Can we assume that these points have general significance?

No, because considering oneself to be a successful person depends on the individual’s vision, motivations, and goals.

Would you like to know my definition of a successful person?

When he/she can look back and be happy about what he/she sees!

What do you think?


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