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My 7 best intentions for 2022

2022 January 13 | by Arduino Mancini Critical thinking - Effective thinking

The New Year usually opens with best wishes and the hope that the future will be more generous with us than in the past.

However, I believe that simply wishing for a benevolent chance is not enough to guarantee a better future.

For this reason, this year I decided to help Lady Luck by identifying seven points where I feel I need to improve and resolving to work on them.

Here are my 7 good resolutions for 2022 that I’m happy to share with you:

  1. separate facts from opinions, asking myself if what I state is supported by evidence or it represents just a personal view;
  2. make a distinction between a person’s performance and his/her worth, because people who make mistakes are not necessarily idiots;
  3. replace judgment with evaluation, because judgment simplifies what often cannot be simplified, risking losing precious details that evaluation enhances;
  4. distinguish between the quality of an idea and the value (or the opinion I’ve built up…) of the person behind it, because even people I don’t appreciate can have interesting ideas. And good ideas cannot be found around every street corner;
  5. ask for clarification whenever I don’t understand, even if the question I’m going to raise might expose me to ridicule. Even, and especially, if the person I’m talking to is reputed to be an expert;
  6. fight stereotypes and prejudices: the ones of others and, above all, my own;
  7. as often as I can (and rarely I really can’t…) make decisions when I’m calm and rested, because I’ve never seen anger and fatigue deliver good choices.

Do you find my good proposals worthy of sharing?

You probably recognized in them a common factor: critical thinking, which we will often discuss in 2022, and which represents a crucial and little-known skill.

What are your best intentions for 2022?

Hope for you a better year!

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