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Can we trust them?

The arrogance of people who seek to predict the future

2023 May 25 | by Arduino Mancini Effective thinking

Politicians, economists, witch doctors of various kinds, and people often focused on catching the spotlight with their predictions of the future.

But is it really possible to know what the future holds for us?

We have always tried to answer the question with astrology, and other forms of superstition by appealing to so-called experts, refusing to acknowledge a single, indisputable fact: about the future, we know nothing and nothing we can say.

Therefore, I can only agree with John Kenneth Galbraith’s thinking (see the cartoon strip) and add something: if you want to have an idea of what might happen in the future and so orient your choices, rather than trust ignorant dispensers of truth,

seek advice from people who,
even if they can have their say, are silent.

What do you think?

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