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Four good reasons to complain persistently

2023 December 18 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience - Stratagems to succeed

After careful reflection, I have concluded that repeated use of complaining can only be convenient for most people working in organizations.

Let’s look at the reasons together:

  1. complaining keeps people out of your way who, when they meet you, sooner or later say “Blessed are you”, inferring that you don’t deserve what you have;
  2. your systematic pointing out the workload and/or prohibitive conditions in which you are forced to work obliges bosses, colleagues and even staff to maintain a constant focus on how you will welcome any decision. In short, you will be able to influence choices even before you have expressed your opinion;
  3. you will find it easier to get a salary raise. If not on merits, your boss will be inclined to grant it at least to enjoy your silence for a while;
  4. like the prodigal son, you will see your good performance welcomed as extraordinary, and you will gain visibility unknown to those who consistently, and without a word, do great work.


Few, very few.

The complaining strategy is not recommended for those who have always been in the dark, have been forgotten, and live in fear that someone will notice their existence.

In addition, repeated complaining might cause some hassle if your boss is someone who thinks that you might be better off putting your energy into improving your performance rather than complaining all the time.

But such bosses are rare, and you can take some risks…

Do you?

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