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I tell you with a short video clip

When you feel you can't cope, what can you do?

2022 October 26 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

I have unearthed Paralympic Games trailers that will leave you speechless: let me introduce you to one of them, and then I will tell you why it may be quite useful.     Who can find inspiration in these short videos? I would say three distinct categories of people. First, people who are affected by […]

Manage your anger
A short excerpt from Seneca may help you shape one

Have you got a strategy to cope with anger?

2022 March 17 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

Have you ever had, at least once in your life, the feeling of falling into anger and losing control? Here is a beautiful excerpt from Lucius Annaeus Seneca’s book On Anger, on Leisure, on Clemency, which describes the effects that anger generates in people. Let’s read it together. You provide the most reliable proof of […]

Here's what is hidden behind "certain" physiological stimuli...

Better to fight or flight?

2022 February 16 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

Have you ever wondered why, when you must face a task you don’t feel comfortable with or you find stressful, you may have to deal with sudden “physiological stimuli” that are difficult to control? Yes, a bit like what happens to Mario in the cartoon. The story comes from far away, when we lived in […]

Good question, isn't it?

Would you be happier if you were richer?

2022 January 26 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience - Salary raise

Before making some thoughts on the topic, I want to present you with the results of two studies that are particularly significant. The first one. In 1978, social psychologist Philip Brickman conducted a study aimed at understanding whether people who had won large amounts of money in the lottery actually felt happier than in the […]

Can you answer this question?

What does it mean to succeed in life?

2021 December 01 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

Tough question, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of the most common conditions for a person we usually consider successful: He/she has made a lot of money and can afford a life full of comforts; He/she occupies a position of power and can influence the lives of many; He/she has achieved great mediatic […]

An essential exercise for your lifeā€¦

Can you sell yourself? Answer three questions!

2021 September 08 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience - Training and development

Selling is a complicated business, selling yourself may appear prohibitive. Gaining a job, getting a professional assignment, being perceived as different from other people competing for the same result can be vital: even in private life! So how can we check whether we are prepared to reach the goal we want to achieve? I am […]

Why, focusing on limits, doesn't help improve performance!

How often were you told you wouldn't make it?

2021 August 03 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience

Want to know why I’m asking you this question? Tell you immediately. I hear a lot about talents, naturally gifted people who succeed in what they do apparently without any effort: the world appears to be more and more divided between those who are predestined to succeed and others who are condemned to mediocrity. Thanks […]